Baby Shower cookies

Congratulations Nat and Jay! I hope the parents to be enjoy their baby shower and cookie favors.


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NCAA rivalry

Right after I graduated from college I did a year of service with AmeriCorps*VISTA. My VISTA leader, Colleen, was a super sweet woman who really helped all of us through our year–she was dedicated, passionate, and had great flip chart skills 🙂 She always made sure we enjoyed our year and helped build great relationships.

A few years later, Colleen’s getting married–to another former VISTA leader! While I didn’t get to know her hubby-to-be as well, I’m so excited for them, and I was so honored when Colleen asked if I could make cookies for their rehearsal dinner. Colleen and her fiance, Adam, have a friendly NCAA rivalry based on their alma maters, and these cookies reflect that. I hope they enjoy!

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One of these things is not like the other…

(One of these things is not like the other…one of these things just doesn’t belong)

I couldn’t get that out of my head while I was finishing these cookies! My cousin-in-law is hosting a bridal shower for her soon to be sister-in-law, and I was honored to make cookies for the celebration! Cindy sent over a number of ideas and a picture of the wedding invitations. I decided to go with invitation inspired cookies with the happy couple’s names, monogrammed “O” cookies…and cookies to honor their absolutely adorable orange poodle, Enzo. I didn’t think there were dogs out there cuter than my two, but Enzo does rival them!

The poodle cookies don’t quite seem to fit the others, but I love them. Hopefully the bride-to-be does too!

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The Simpsons

10 years ago, my high school boyfriend told me that he wanted to set up his best friend with my best friend. I thought he was crazy. The two were very different, I thought… what in the world would they have in common? His response was that they both really liked the Simpsons…so of course they’d be a good couple.

10 years later, I have been proven very wrong! Dave and Lucia are a wonderful couple who have been through a lot together (including moving cross country and surviving a 3 week road trip to do so together!). And they do both love the Simpsons…so it wasn’t all that surprising when Lucia asked me to make some Simpsons cookies for their 10th anniversary.

I’ll admit, my drawing skills don’t quite match Matt Groening…but hopefully they’ll enjoy them just the same!

Happy Anniversary Dave and Lucia!

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Summer time…

A couple of weeks ago I received an order for a yellow cake with cream cheese filling. The cake came with specific instructions–turquoise and bright green decorations, sea shells, and most importantly, flip flops! I hope the birthday girl enjoyed every moment of her day as much as I enjoyed working on this cake! 🙂

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Star Wars

I know nothing about Star Wars, and I was very content to keep it that way…until about 3 days ago. My husband loves all “star people”…Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar…if it has the word Star in it he watches it (over, and over, and over again).I avoid it all like the plague.

On Thursday I got an order for a Star Wars birthday cake, and knew that my husband would be the resident expert to assist with this. This cake is for a little boy with wheat, dairy, and nut allergies, so the cake itself was not my typical recipe. Using a mix of sorghum flour, rice flour, tapioca flour, rice milk, and Earth Balance butter, this is a vanilla birthday cake with vanilla frosting inside and chocolate frosting on the outside. In addition to learning some new wheat free/dairy free cake techniques, I can also say that I can now identify Darth Vader, Luke, the Death Star, Chewbacca and Yoda!

I hope the birthday boy has a wonderful day!

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Eric’s cousin is celebrating lots of new things in her life–a new apartment, a new dog, and a new career–she is thisclose to completing her graduate degree! To honor all of her recent accomplishments, her mom requested some cookies for her. She left the ideas up to me, and I tried to go with things I knew she liked (namely, dogs and bunnies!).

And because I think Melissa’s new dog is the cutest thing ever (well, besides my own furry kids), here’s a photo of Penny…a sweet rescue dog from right here in Upstate South Carolina! As I type this Penny is on her way from SC up to Boston to her forever home. She and Melissa are going to be so happy together (and yay for rescue dogs!)

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