The Simpsons

10 years ago, my high school boyfriend told me that he wanted to set up his best friend with my best friend. I thought he was crazy. The two were very different, I thought… what in the world would they have in common? His response was that they both really liked the Simpsons…so of course they’d be a good couple.

10 years later, I have been proven very wrong! Dave and Lucia are a wonderful couple who have been through a lot together (including moving cross country and surviving a 3 week road trip to do so together!). And they do both love the Simpsons…so it wasn’t all that surprising when Lucia asked me to make some Simpsons cookies for their 10th anniversary.

I’ll admit, my drawing skills don’t quite match Matt Groening…but hopefully they’ll enjoy them just the same!

Happy Anniversary Dave and Lucia!

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One Response to The Simpsons

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks to me like you did a great job with the Simpsons, Ryan!

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