Happy 1st Birthday!

My wonderful friend Hannah has become my first repeat cookie customer! This time she’s celebrating an extra special birthday…her nephew is turning one. I remember the day he was born…Hannah and I shared an office and she was just SO excited she could barely contain herself! Even though I hadn’t met her sister or the rest of her family, I felt like I knew them so well and I was so excited when the little one was born.

Hannah is a fabulous card maker and made the invitations for Tarek’s birthday. She asked me to incorporate the invitation design in some way on the cookies. I thought teddy bears would be fitting for a little boy’s birthday, and did my best to model the bear’s shirts after the invitations. I hope she and the party guests enjoy them!

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2 Responses to Happy 1st Birthday!

  1. Hannah Somers says:

    Ryan–You are ridiculous!! These are the best dressed bears I’ve ever seen. I really can’t believe how well you matched the invitation polka dots and colors. Thank you so much. I’m headed to Northampton tomorrow for the birthday party, so I’ll be sure to let you know how much everyone will be raving about them. Thank you!!

  2. Hello Ryan,
    These cookies are absolutely lovely. It is almost a shame to eat them.
    Mary Lou

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