Not quite World Peace…

But these cookies are pretty close to the amazing World Peace cookies by Dorie Greenspan! These cookies come from my new favorite cookbook, Salty Sweets. They are called Chocolate Oatmeal  cookies in the book, but that name does not do them justice at all. They do not have the texture or taste of an oatmeal cookie at all–I’d almost even say that the oatmeal comes as an afterthought. They are a rich, fudgy brownie-like cookie with a wonderful hit of sea salt.

I’ve adapted the recipe a little bit and they have quickly become a favorite in our household (and my work place!). If you know anyone who loves chocolate with a hint of salt, these cookies are sure to win them over.

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One Response to Not quite World Peace…

  1. Lindsay says:

    Dear ‘The Cookiery’ Readers-
    I can personally attest to how awesome these cookies really are. They really are the perfect combination of salty and sweet, and the texture is not your average oatmeal cookie texture either.

    Ryan- you can keep perfecting this recipe and Rachel, Krista, and I will happily serve as the taste-testers ANY time!!!

    🙂 Love the blog too!

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