Wedding bells!

This weekend, my co-worker married the love of her life in a beautiful ceremony in downtown Greenville. The wedding reception featured all of my favorite things–dessert, candy, and more dessert! They had a great dessert reception (with some cheese and crackers thrown in for good measure). Congratulations Lindsay and Josh!

To celebrate her last week in the office before the wedding, my co-workers and I hosted a small party for her in the office. I offered to make a cake for the occassion, and knew I wanted to do something fun. Her wedding colors were ivory, brown and green, so I tried to come up with something fun using those colors. It was a bit excessive making a two-tiered cake for the four of us in the office, but it was a fun addition to our little party.

This was my first fondant experience, and while it wasn’t perfect, it was a learning experience. I learned a lot about rolling out fondant, cutting it, ingredients, and leveling the cake.

This cake is my favorite yellow cake recipe (Cook’s Illustrated “Fluffy Yellow Cake”) with a fresh strawberry and buttercream filling between the layers. The outside of the cake was done with a buttercream crumbcoat, and all the decoration was done in a homemade fondant.

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